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Lighting Installation For A Wide Variety Of Fairfield Light Needs

Lighting Installation

The right lighting installation can set a mood, highlight features, or provide added security for your Fairfield home. Landmark Electric LLC installs and services all types of indoor, outdoor, and security lighting for brighter spaces and better illumination.

Landmark Electric LLC is the Fairfield electrician you can trust for quality lighting installation. We're fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind and you can count on us to treat your project with the care it deserves. Check out a few of our many lighting installation services below, then give us a call to schedule services in the Fairfield area.

Landscape Lighting

Illuminate your curb appeal, highlight your landscaping, and improve the safety and security of your Fairfield property with expert landscape lighting installation from the pros at Landmark Electric LLC. We offer installation services for wired spotlights, feature lighting, step lights, and more to light up your outdoor spaces.

Pool Light Wiring

Pool lights give your backyard a unique ambiance, but repairing issues with your pool light wiring or wiring for a pool light installation are not safe DIY projects for an amateur. Landmark Electric LLC is a knowledgeable electrical contractor who can handle your pool light wiring project safely and efficiently.

Lighting Control

From simple timers, dimmers, and sensors to integrated lighting control systems that work with your smart home technology, the pros at Landmark Electric LLC can put whole-property lighting control at your fingertips. Our commercial lighting control options allow connection with other building systems for overall security and safety.

Bulb & Ballast Replacement

Poorly functioning ballasts can significantly increase your energy usage and cause your lighting to overheat, posing a potential burn risk. You should never attempt to replace a hot bulb or ballast yourself - instead, leave your bulb and ballast replacement to the experienced professionals at Landmark Electric LLC.

Smart Switches

Smart switches link to your smart home network to provide you with the comfort and convenience of remote access to your lighting 24/7. You'll never have to worry about unintentionally leaving the lights on or having to come home to a dark house with smart switch technology installation for your Fairfield home.

Commercial Lighting

Choosing the right commercial lighting for your Fairfield business can attract customers, improve work performance, and provide you with major cost savings when it comes to your energy usage. Landmark Electric LLC is an experienced commercial electrician and we work with business owners, property managers, and maintenance teams to deliver quality commercial lighting services to meet your needs.

Security Lighting

Security lighting protects your Fairfield home or business from theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities and can make your outside spaces safer and more easily navigable at night. Landmark Electric LLC installs continuous floodlights, sensor lighting, and emergency lighting systems that can all be controlled with smart technology integration for ultimate peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Lighting Installation Questions

Any time a project requires working with electricity, it's a safe bet to call a qualified electrician to ensure that the job is done right and minimize the risk of personal harm or property damage. Landmark Electric LLC is an experienced electrician serving the Fairfield area, and we've got the tools, training, and talent to tackle your lighting installation project safely and efficiently. To find out more about our lighting installation services, give us a call today at 203-520-7850.

Landmark Electric LLC is proud to work closely with business owners, property managers, and maintenance teams to provide quality commercial lighting installations to improve efficiency, increase performance, or create just the right ambiance for your Fairfield property. We'll evaluate your current lighting, listen to your concerns, and help you design a commercial lighting system that meets your needs.

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